The Reemerging of ME

For a while, I’ve been hiding. For a while, I’ve been silent. For a while, I’ve been distant. For a while, I’ve been gone.

For a while, I’ve not been me.

In recent times, I’ve found myself withdrawn from the world around me. There are reasons for this, mainly relational. I chose to isolate myself. It was a colossal mistake, but it’s one I’ve been learning a great deal from.

I’ve learned that my identity cannot and should not be found in any person on this earth. No one has the power to reside over my life, except God. I’ve also learned that I should never compromise who I am, or what I am, in order to gain the acceptance of anyone else.

I’ve learned that I love people. I love being social. I don’t want to limit my life to one or two people and hide from the world. People might disappoint you, and not everyone is going to be your best friend, but we were created for fellowship. And, I love fellowship.

Over the last few months, I feel like I’ve awoken from a self-induced coma. I blame myself for my comatose and isolated state. There were definitely outside influences that cause a reaction in me, but my decisions are mine to make and I made wrong ones.

I’ve learned so much recently. I’ve learned that God restores. I’ve been reminded that God is merciful. I’ve learned that God can and will take the broken pieces of your mistakes and create something magnificent out of it. I’ve seen God’s hand in my life many times, but recently it’s been in a new and amazing way. I’ve marveled as God has brought healing to my emotions and my heart. He’s blessed me with his unconditional love, and he’s also shown me mercy and grace through others.

I’ve made many colossal mistakes recently, but I’m grateful for all I’ve learned. I have no regrets, only inspiration to do better and be better in the future.

I’m so excited for all of the amazing things that lie ahead. I’ve always loved life, but that passion had been held back recently and now that it’s reemerged, I feel like it’s stronger than ever.

I want to live every day with purpose and intent. I want to embrace every moment. I want to love with my whole heart. I want to smile every chance I get, and laugh all the more. I want to live a life filled with JOY. I don’t wanna miss a thing.



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