The Art of Never Growing Up

pancake-767567_960_720I’ve always been a big fan of enjoying things, and it’s always frustrated me that kids get to have all the fun. Things always come in brighter colors for kids. They get to order pancakes shaped like fun things. They get to wear shoes that glow or have lights on them. They get all the cool character tees and pajamas. They get to color!

Who decided that when you become a “grown up” you should stick to serious colors and patterns? Who said pancakes should be eaten round, and even better, make them whole grain?! Who decided that adults aren’t supposed to color?

coloringbooksThat’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about the new adult coloring book trend! I’ve always thought coloring was a fun and relaxing activity. Any chance I would get to color with my niece and nephew, I always enjoyed! And, now…it’s perfectly acceptable, and even cool to color as an adult! Yay!

Not that I care what anyone else says or thinks. I’ll order fun-shaped pancakes if they’ll let me. I’ll wear fun and bright colors with cool characters on them!

I’m a firm believer that people should grow up and mature in the areas that matter. Responsibility, integrity, wisdom, discipline…etc…but I also think we should remain child-like in the fun ways!

I wish this was our house, but it was at the treehouse we vacation at!
I wish this was our house, but it was at the treehouse we vacation at!

All this to say, I’m absolutely obsessed with coloring! It is such a fun, creative outlet and wow, is it ever relaxing!! I also love that it’s something else fun to share with other people. My husband and I love enjoying a relaxing evening coloring together!




IMG_7137Here is a picture of my first finished project! I’m still learning about all the different techniques and coloring tools I can use. So far, I’ve tried colored pencils and fine tip markers, and I greatly prefer the colored pencils!





IMG_7221My newly acquired colored pencils, I’ve yet to try. Also, my new, adorable travel bag for all my coloring on-the-go!






Something I’ve learned recently is that there are people in this world who take life too seriously and purposely get old before their time. I don’t want to be one of them. I want to embrace life and all it’s simple pleasures! I want to look at each day and find reasons to laugh and to smile and to play! I’m not one to follow the trends (mostly because I make my own!) but, I’m very excited to embrace this new trend, and my hope is that other, more serious adults will catch on, and perhaps add a little childlike-fun to their day. They may be surprised by how much fun they have!



6 thoughts on “The Art of Never Growing Up

  1. jessreadingnook

    I love grown-up coloring books. My husband bought me a grown-up Disney princess coloring book (which is amazing) and prismacolor pencils (watercolor & normal). I love playing around with different mediums. Gel pens are great too.

  2. Great post! I had wanted to try coloring last year, but never got around to it (tuit?!) I’ve just now started on one. Found some old scrapbook pencils I had shoved in a drawer and printed out a page or two from an internet site. I was going to jump on and ask you what you used, and now you’ve shown me! Those Sargent pencils are actually the ones I have in my cart at Amazon, so I may go ahead and order them. I haven’t tried coloring but a couple of times, but it is very relaxing. I’m trying to pick up another new hobby, something else I saw online last year and didn’t try. I’m starting a scripture writing challenge and hope that I can keep up with that most every day. The coloring is quite relaxing, but boy, let me tell you, I NEVER see a day when my husband will even try it, so lucky you!!

    Great post, share some of your masterpieces later on! Oh, and I love the pancake, I would smile the whole time I was eating that puppy 🙂

  3. I’m intrigued by your scripture writing challenge. Is it structured a specific way, or is the challenge simply to write a scripture each day?

    I will be sure to share my masterpieces! Haha!

  4. Kimmy – the scripture writing challenge is structured. There’s a list for the month of a block of scripture to sit and write every day. I saw it done at the holidays last year and was intrigued. It took me a few days to poke around and decide on one to try, then to get a notebook to write in and commit to at least trying it. But I’ve been doing it this week and enjoying it. My writing skills are ATROCIOUS now, since I do everything electronically. I need to spend more time reading the Bible, and this helps me really concentrate. I always was taught in school that writing something down really reinforces it and helps you commit it to memory, so I’m working with that premise. I may not keep it up, but right now, I’m at least going to try to work through the rest of January. I hope and plan to do it the rest of the year, but we’ll see.

    I skimmed pinterest and settled on the one from sweet blessings – try this link:

    Hope that helps! Let me know if it’s something you try and either like or don’t 🙂

  5. Thanks for the link, Stacy! I think I may try this in February, since January is so far gone now! I think this is a great idea! Thank you again for sharing!!

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