February Reading Round-Up!

In a lot of ways it feels like February flew by, but in others, it felt long! Reading-wise, I think it felt a bit short. (Even with the extra day thrown in!) All in all, not a bad month, but I know I can do better. I completed five books in the month of February, and they are:

All books were pretty good reads. A Long Way Down was probably my least favorite of the month. It was one I decided to read since I couldn’t decide on which “Book-into-movie” I wanted to read last month, so I added it to my list for this month. The Secret to Hummingbird Cake and Vinegar Girl were both review books and I enjoyed them both very much. The Gauguin Connection was recommended by a friend and fulfilled my February Reading Challenge, which was to read a book recommended by a friend. I loved the protagonist in it, and I’m excited to know that there is a whole series awaiting me. And, last but not least, I’d Know You Anywhere was a book I randomly picked up from the library on a cold and dreary night when all I wanted to do was curl up and read. It was my first book by Laura Lippman and I enjoyed it enough to be interested in reading more of her work.

My total for the year is now 11. 64 more to go to reach my yearly goal of 75! Here’s to a bookish March!


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