April Reading Round-Up!

Five seems to be my monthly average, as this is the third month in a row that my total books read has equaled five. Let it be known that I can do better, since January held six books! Dare I take that as a self-induced challenge to make May a six or even SEVEN book month?

Challenge accepted!

So, for April, my five books read are as follows:

Three out of five of this month’s selections were for review purposes. These include: Room for Hope, The Inheritance and That’s Not Hay in My Hair. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder was one I decided to read because I had recorded the film adapation (Starring Alison Sweeney) and I wanted to read the book first. I have to say the book was really good, but the movie…not so much. Sorry Ali! I still love you though! The last book I read was Pepper Pike and that was to fulfill my April Reading Challenge.

My favorite book this month was probably The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder. Not only was it just a fun, cozy read, but it also caused me to bake lots of cookies! It actually included recipes at the end of each chapter. Though I’ve yet to try any of those recipes, I really loved that they are included. Food-themed mysteries could be a very dangerous thing for my calorie-consumption! I also really enjoyed Room for Hope. The title was very fitting, as it was a very uplifting read. Pepper Pike was pretty good too, and a quick read. By the way, the challenge for April was to read a book by a local author. Les Roberts lives in Northeast Ohio and has written an entire series on Milan Jacovich that takes place in Cleveland. The last two books, The Inheritance and That’s Not Hay in My Hair were both just “okay” reads.

I’m looking forward to hopefully coming back at the end of May with a total higher than five!

I have currently read 21 of my 75 book goal for 2016!


2 thoughts on “April Reading Round-Up!

  1. Hi Michelle! Thanks for commenting! I’m happy to hear of someone else who reads Hannah Swensen too! I can’t wait to read more of them! 😊

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