May Reading Round-Up!

I am woefully behind schedule in posting this, and sadly, also behind schedule in my reading. I’ve been trying to keep a steady pace in my reading, but life has been so busy lately! No excuses, I know! I had fully intended to read more in May, but once again I am at five books for the month. And, truth be told, I technically finished book five today, but it is going to count as a May read because I read the majority of it in May and it is my monthly challenge book.

And so, for May my five books read were:

Two out of my five books were for review purposes. They were: The Longing in Me and The Girl from the Paradise Ballroom. Orphan Train was a book on my shelf that I recently picked up from the local library book sale. Murder in Morningside heights is a book from a favorite author and series that I’ve been following from the beginning. Wild fulfilled my May Reading Challenge as a book based on a true story.

My favorite book of the month was probably Orphan Train, though I enjoyed them all. The Longing in Me was non-fiction (my review can be read here) , and Wild I would classify as autobiography/memoir. This is a book I’ve wanted to read for a while. It’s about a woman who loses her mom at a young age and how it affects her life and her choices. She decides to hike the Pacific Crest Trail and she tells her story about that. It’s an incredible book and an incredible journey that she took. I can relate so much to a lot of the feelings she dealt with and I’m really glad I read this book. There is also a lot that I can’t relate to in how she chose to handle her grief, but the very core of it…that deep loss and the effect it had on her life, I can completely relate to. Anyway… Murder in Morningside Heights was very good, and so comfortably familiar. I’ve been reading this series from the beginning (and this was book 19!) so the characters have become like old friends and their story is comfortable and relaxing, but as always enjoyable and suspenseful. Lastly, The Girl from the Paradise Ballroom. My review for that can be read here.

I know I keep saying this, but I’m planning to read more in June! I need to pick up the pace to reach my yearly goal. I have read 26 or 75 so far, and according to Goodreads, that puts me 5 books behind schedule!


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