September Reading Round-Up!

The pile of books beside me is getting very tall. Do you ever think about the fact that you’ll never empty your TBR list, even if you live to be a hundred? There are constantly new books that pique my interest that get added to the pile and I know that for me, I’ll never hit a point where I’ve read them all.

It’s kind of a sobering thought. It also makes me panic and frantic to devour as many as I possibly can. It reminds me of the gentleman in that one episode of The Twilight ZoneTime Enough to Last“. Which also reminds me that I haven’t seen that episode in ages, and should watch it again. When I’m not reading.

Anyway, I digress. Let’s discuss the books I actually read in the month of September. It was quite a hectic, busy month, which is why I’m surprised that I actually did pretty well. I have to attribute that to the fact that I am guilty of reading several books at once this month. A little each day goes a long way! I typically don’t like to read multiple books at once, but sometimes it’s necessary.

So, for the month of September, I’ve hit a record this year! 7 books! Yay! Which is much needed because I am still quite behind on my yearly goal. So, without further ado, here are the titles I read this past month:


Of these, 2 were for review purposes: Really Bad Girls of the Bible and Befriend. Including those two, 3 of my reads were non-fiction. The other was Introverts in the Church. They were all very different subjects, so choosing a favorite of those is difficult, but I’d say that I got the most out of reading Introverts in the Church. It was well written and really hit home on a lot of points. It was nice to feel like I could relate to the author, and he to me.

The remaining four titles were all fiction. Lady Cop Makes Trouble was the second in a series. I absolutely love the cover art on these books. That alone almost makes them worth reading! The stories are good, but I do feel like the characters could use a little bit more something… Anyway, Murder on Amsterdam Avenue is by a favorite author and from a favorite series, but I somehow inadvertently skipped this book in the series! Upon discovering that, I immediately rushed to the library to rectify the situation. Under normal circumstances, I absolutely despise reading a series out of order, but since I had no choice, I had to do so. I am glad that I realized my omission, because it was a good addition to the series.

Don’t You Cry is another of Mary Kubica’s offerings. I believe I’ve read three of her books this year, (which may in fact be all of her books!) so I guess you can call me a fan. This one might actually be my favorite of hers so far. Lastly, my book for the September Reading Challenge was The Light Between Oceans. I was instructed to read a book on the current NYT Bestseller list. Since this one was just also turned into a movie, I thought I’d check it out. It started off slow and I worried for my choice, but after a while, I was engrossed and I really enjoyed it. In fact, I believe I would consider it my favorite read this month.

And, so, I am now officially 49 books in to my 75 goal and exactly 7 books behind schedule! I better hustle!


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