Blog Blarney!

Here’s what readers are saying about The Smug Cloud:

“The Smug Cloud is a thoroughly enjoyable read, recommended for lovers of dogs, cozy mysteries, strong coffee and stronger hearts.”

Elizabeth Osborn

“Full of suspense, little bits of mystery, challenges (whether for the author herself, or you), many a book giveaway, and stories (typically comical) of adventures with friends. Written very creatively, and quite enjoyable to read.”


“…packed with energy except when the author is not feeling
energetic, or is asleep, or hasn’t had coffee…”

– Eliza Osborn

“Readers should be warned about the occasional rant: McLaughlin’s
occasional denouncements of hot weather are sure to ignite passions.”

-Eliza Tucker



Disoriented about your blogging experience in life?

If so, Kimmy M’s, “The Smug Cloud”,is THE masterclass blog of wise smugness for you!

Kimmy M is absolutely brillant at being the Smug-Meister of our times!

“The Smug Cloud” is the most timeless, profound, compelling, and transforming blog of the 21st century!

Being a regular reader of this incredible blog, will have a massive impact on your lives!

Make sure you’re not missing out on this one! Its life changing!

~The Teri Times~

“A candid look into the life of one sleuthing, caffeinated, yet
temperate housewife.”

– Eliza Tucker Osborn

“A must read before beginning the day!”


“All the heart of The Ladies’ No. 1 Detective Agency with the amped-up suspense of Highsmith and du Maurier — Kimberly McLaughlin’s debut will no doubt leave you wondering WHO WILL SHE TAG IN THE NEXT MEME?”

– Eliza Osborn Tucker

“The greatest disappointment in THE SMUG CLOUD is that McLaughlin, a renowned culinary artist, rarely offers gastronomic tips and even fewer recipes.”

– Literary Fangirl

“Step inside Ohio’s own Camp David to see how the world is really run.”

– Codename Ash


2 thoughts on “Blog Blarney!

  1. By the way, this was a very neat idea. It makes me quite happy.

  2. I find it funny that half of those are by my sis-in-law!!! hehe

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