Girls’ Club by Sarah, Sally & Joy Clarkson: A Book Review

Discover the gift of friendship!
In a time when many women feel lonely and isolated, Girls’ Club calls us to embrace the delight and comfort that can be found in life-giving friendships with women— and to cultivate relationships that not only offer emotional affirmation and acceptance, but also inspire, educate, and stretch us to live out our God-given potential.

Told through stories and encouragement based on the authors’ experiences—Sally, a seasoned mother and well beloved author; her daughter Sarah, an Oxford scholar and new mother; and her youngest daughter Joy, a professional young woman pursuing her doctorate—Girls’ Club will speak to the importance of cultivating deep and lasting friendship at every stage in life. Join Sally, Sarah, and Joy as they explore the power, difficulties, potential, beauty, and satisfaction of friendships that help us live purposeful, Godly lives and that satisfy our longing for meaningful and intimate companionship.

My Review: Friendship holds such a dear place in my heart. I’m so thankful anytime I read a book that celebrates friendship.

Girls’ Club, written by a mother and her two daughters, is a book that celebrates friendship. Heartfelt, beautifully written and encouraging, this book gives inspiration to any women who desires to deepen the friendships in her life, as well as her relationship with God.

The authors share inspiring examples of what it means to cultivate and celebrate friendship. I was really touched by the way they view their relationship with each other. They are not only family, but they cherish each other as friends.

This book offers not only examples, but also encouragement and wisdom. It reminds us that we need to be intentional in our relationships. If we desire to have true, genuine friendship, we need to be true and genuine. As women and friends, we need to support, encourage and invite women into our lives.

It’s not an easy thing to find lasting friendship. This book offers so much encouragement and inspiration. I think every woman should read it.

In exchange for my honest review, Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

First Impressions by Debra White Smith: A Book Review


In an attempt to get to know the people of London, Texas–the small town that lawyer Eddi Boswick now calls home–she tries out for a local theater group’s production of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. She’s thrilled to get the role of lively Elizabeth Bennet . . . until she meets the arrogant–and eligible–rancher playing her leading man.

Dave Davidson chose London, Texas, as the perfect place to live under the radar. Here, no one knows his past, and he can live a quiet, peaceful life with his elderly aunt, who also happens to own the local theater. Dave doesn’t even try out for the play, but suddenly he is thrust into the role of Mr. Darcy and forced to spend the entire summer with Eddi, who clearly despises him.

Sparks fly every time Eddi and Dave meet, whether on the stage or off. But when Eddi discovers Dave’s secret, she has to admit there might be more to him than she thought. Maybe even enough to change her mind . . . and win her heart.

My Review: I was worried when I started this book that keeping up with the characters would be confusing. The front of the book has a list of characters and what Pride & Prejudice character they were based on. I love Pride & Prejudice, but it’s been a while since I’ve read it and I didn’t want to stress over matching the characters in this book with the ones from Pride & Prejudice. So, instead of comparing, I simply read this book as it’s own and quickly fell into the story. Equating the characters to Pride & Prejudice did happen naturally in my brain as I got to know them, but it wasn’t something I focused on.

The story was sweet and the characters very likable. I read this book rather quickly, so it was fast-paced and held my attention well. Definitely a sweet story for fans of Pride & Prejudice and even those who are not familiar with Jane Austen’s work.

*I received a copy of this book free of charge from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

Turning the Tide by Edith Maxwell: A Book Review

A suffragist is murdered in Rose Carroll’s Massachusetts town

Excitement runs high during presidential election week in 1888. The Woman Suffrage Association plans a demonstration and movement leader Elizabeth Cady Stanton comes to town to rally the troops, one of whom is Quaker midwife Rose Carroll. But the next morning, Rose finds the dead body of the group’s local organizer.

Rose can’t help wanting to know who committed the murder, and she quickly discovers several people who have motives. The victim had planned to leave her controlling husband, and a promotion had cost her male colleague his job. She’d also recently spurned a fellow suffragist’s affections. After Rose’s own life is threatened, identifying the killer takes on a personal sense of urgency.

My Review: I always love a good and cozy mystery series, particularly those with a strong female lead and set in the late 19th – early 20th centuries. I found this particular series to be extra intriguing because the protagonist is a Quaker. I haven’t read many books involving Quakers and I’m honestly not very knowledgeable when it comes to their practices and beliefs. It was interesting to learn more about how they live and what they believe.

Rose is a strong character, clever, yet sometimes careless in her decisions. I find her opinions intriguing and I love her calm way of thinking. I feel the author has done a good job creating a cast of interesting and likable characters.

I have never read any of Edith Maxwell’s work until now. I actually won this copy directly from the author herself and The Wicked Cozy Authors Blog. Since I hadn’t read any before and this being third in the series, I had to acquire the first and second in the series before I could read the third. (I cannot read a series out of order!)

I am happy to now include Edith Maxwell in my list of cozy authors. Many thanks to the author for this book!

Christmas Reads!

Enjoying some Christmas reads this December. I love Christmas themed books! Here’s what I’ve read:


Away in a Manger by Rhys Bowen
Murder on St. Nicholas Avenue by Victoria Thompson
A New York Christmas by Anne Perry
An Angel for Christmas by Heather Graham

And, I’m hoping to finish this one before the year ends!
The Christmas Joy Ride by Melody Carlson